He Decided To Record His Session With His Therapist, And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

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25-year-old Chris Olsen (@chris) is a verified creator on TikTok with over ten million followers. He rose to fame in 2020 and is most known for his hilarious content and being besties with Meghan Trainor.

His goofy personality and comedic delivery never fail to make us laugh. True to his nature, Chris recently posted a funny video about a therapy session he had.

“I tried recording therapy to see if it would be helpful to watch it back, and this is what happened,” he wrote in the video’s text overlay.

It’s hard to remember everything that was discussed during an appointment. So recording a therapy session to revisit the stellar mental health advice your therapist gave you is a really smart idea, if it’s okay with your therapist, of course.

However, when Chris played back the recording from his appointment and shared it with TikTok, their conversation wasn’t about healthy coping skills or stuff you would expect from a therapy appointment.

Chris started the session by asking, “Can we talk about it?” Without saying any more, his therapist knew instantly that he was referring to the budding romance between singer Harry Styles and model Emily Ratajkowski.

The clip then transitioned to Chris talking about how Camp Rock 2 is better than the first Camp Rock film.

His therapist can be heard questioning how that revelation related to his anxiety, which led Chris to clarify that the two things had nothing to do with each other at all.

Then, Chris said, “I just feel like she should still be doing that for me.” His therapist asked how old he was, to which he responded that he was 25.

uv_group – – illustrative purposes only

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