Her Grandma Honestly Gives The Very Best Dating Advice

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It’s no secret that grandmothers hold a lot of knowledge. When it comes to various topics, such as dating or what to wear, you can always count on a grandmother to weigh in her opinion. 

One grandmother-granddaughter duo has been taking the internet by storm as they navigate life as women together. 

27-year-old Kimberly Murstein and her grandmother, Gail, are the stars of their podcast and TikTok account, ‘Excuse My Grandma.’ 

Kimberly and Gail started going viral on social media when Kimberly began filming TikTok videos while staying with Grandma Gail at her home in Palm Beach, Florida, during the pandemic.

As it turned out, Grandma Gail had a lot to say about Kimberly’s dating life and ended up giving advice that lots of young people these days could use.

Kimberly shares videos of Grandma Gail’s words of wisdom and dating ‘rules,’ like Rule #6, which says, “Don’t think of it like he ghosted you. You’re just so out of his league you left him speechless.”

Grandma Gail’s dating advice and Kimberly’s videos began gaining more and more popularity online. Viewers were anxious to hear more of Grandma Gail’s thoughts on modern-day dating, which led them to create the ‘Excuse My Grandma’ podcast.

It’s a wonderful platform for Grandma Gail to elaborate on her advice.

In one episode, Kimberly asks Gail what she would do about a guy she was dating that continued to follow other random women on social media. 

“I dump them,” she says confidently. 

Nejron Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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