Meet The Flemish Giant, The Largest Breed Of Domestic Rabbit In The World

Mark J. Barrett - - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever heard of the Flemish Giant rabbit? The first time I laid eyes on one, my mind was completely and utterly blown. These rabbits are huge! Think Easter Bunny huge. Well, maybe not that big, but they are pretty lengthy.

The Flemish Giant is the largest breed of domestic rabbit in the world, and they are also quickly growing in popularity as pets.

They were first discovered in Belgium back in the 16th century. However, it wasn’t until sometime in the 1800s that the standards for the breed became established.

The rabbits were introduced in the United States in the 1890s. They were originally bred as a source of meat and fur. Eventually, they began appearing at fairs as show animals.

Although the Flemish Giant is domesticated, they still contain a few elements from wild rabbits. They have large, erect ears, sharp eyesight, an arched back, and powerful hind legs, which are all traits that would help them survive in the wilderness.

Their soft velvety coats are addictive to the touch and come in a variety of colors: black, blue, steel gray, light gray, sandy, fawn, and white.

Obviously, they are most known for their impressive size, with some reaching up to twenty pounds.  These “gentle giants,” as they’ve been nicknamed, can grow as large as a medium-sized dog. The longest rabbit ever recorded was over four feet long.

They have a mild and docile temperament, making them great pets for families. In addition, their adorable, expressive faces will be sure to steal your heart.

Aside from their size, one thing that sets the Flemish Giant apart from other rabbits is their intelligence. They are incredibly curious and love to explore their surroundings.

Mark J. Barrett – – illustrative purposes only

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