She Barricaded Her Hotel Room Door With A Couch, And It May Have Saved Her Life

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A 24-year-old woman is hoping to spread awareness about the precautions women should be taking to stay safe when traveling after a scary incident occurred at the hotel she was staying at.

TikToker Khali (@trulykhali) is talking about how she barricaded her hotel room door with a couch, and it possibly saved her life. Here’s what happened.

So Khali checked into a hotel around midnight. It was a busy travel hotel that she had stayed at before, so she knew a lot of people would be coming and going at odd hours of the night.

While in the lobby, she noticed a hotel worker staring at her a little too closely. And when she reached her floor and entered her hotel room, she saw two other guys watching her as well.

After that, Khali felt super paranoid and unsafe, so she decided to obstruct the doors leading to her room.

In a picture she took of the room layout, viewers can see an adjoining door to the next hotel room and the regular entry door.

Khali used a desk chair and two small ottomans to block the doors, but they weren’t doing much to ease her mind. She tried to sleep, but her anxiety kept her up.

So then, she moved the giant red couch across the room to place it in front of the doors to give herself some peace of mind in order to go to bed.

At around five in the morning, she finally ended up falling asleep. And then, at 8:30, she woke up to a knocking on her door. There were two knocks, which she ignored, thinking that it might be housekeeping.

DragonImages – – illustrative purposes only

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