She Says A Waitress Literally Cracked Her ID In Half After Asking To See It, Because She Figured It Was Fake

Joshua Resnick - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A newly 24-year-old woman was at a restaurant with a group of friends to celebrate her birthday when a waitress cracked her ID in half, thinking it was fake.

Madison (@madisonskaufel), a content creator on TikTok, showed viewers her now-broken ID card that she taped back together on camera. Here’s how it happened.

Madison had decided to order some drinks, but the waitress seemed annoyed by that and promptly asked to see her ID.

Madison’s ID was already slightly bent and not that damaged at all. However, the waitress ripped it in half and handed the pieces back to her.

Then, the waitress accused everyone at Madison’s table of having fake IDs. Madison tried to reason with her and informed her that all their IDs were valid, but the waitress refused to back down.

Finally, Madison called her brother, who works in law enforcement. He told her to speak with the restaurant manager immediately because what the server did was essentially the destruction of private property.

The server’s actions come with the possibility of severe consequences for Madison now that she has an invalid ID.

“If I get pulled over for whatever reason, I can either get arrested or get a heavy fine and get my license taken away,” she explained.

The Tiktoker let the manager know what happened, but the waitress still received a $60 tip from the group of twenty-somethings anyway, due to automatic gratuity.

Joshua Resnick – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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