She Told Her Twin Sister That The World Didn’t Revolve Around Her Just Because She Got Pregnant As A Teenager

Vasily Makarov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman is 18-years-old and has a twin sister who recently got pregnant a few months ago.

According to her, she is pretty different from her sister. While she is highly focused on her academics, her sister has always been more of a social and party girl.

Unfortunately, though, her sister’s pregnancy with her boyfriend was not planned. Still, her twin ultimately decided to carry the child to term and keep the baby.

And while this has been fine for the most part, the pregnancy has caused one particular issue in their relationship. Apparently, her sister now always tries to steal attention away from her own achievements.

For instance, whenever she tries to announce an academic accomplishment to her family, her sister will just start throwing a fit before forcing everyone to only focus on consoling her.

More recently, though, she was just accepted into a prestigious Ivy League university– which is a massive accomplishment. So, she was obviously ecstatic and had planned to share the news with her family during dinner.

As soon as she shared her acceptance, her parents were over the moon, too. But her sister just began tearing up before full-on crying.

Afterward, her sister apparently started whining about not even getting accepted into any universities. Plus, her sister also cried about needing to take care of her baby and how difficult the whole pregnancy situation was.

“My parents immediately jumped to consoling her,” she recalled.

Vasily Makarov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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