She Waited On A Table Of People Who Ordered $300 Worth Of Food And Drinks, But After Their Card Was Declined, They Left The Restaurant Without Paying, And She Had To Cover Some Of The Lost Income

Fxquadro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A young server made a video on TikTok after going through what must’ve been one of her most challenging days on the job. 

Recently, Audrey (@meow.ak47) made a video describing how she waited on a table of people who ordered $300 worth of food and drinks.

At the end of the meal, their card was declined when it was time to pay. At some point, they left the restaurant without paying. 

Unfortunately, Audrey got stuck having to pay part of these disrespectful customer’s bill, presumably under her manager’s orders.

In her video, she explains that she not only lost the $55 tip she should’ve gotten from their bill but also lost an additional $70 of her own money.

“Treat your servers better,” Audrey wrote in the caption of her video.

A number of TikTok users were supportive of Audrey and deeply sympathized with her. But of course, what’s the internet without negative people? 

Some people said that what happened to Audrey was “on her,” some suggested it was her fault, and others said she should quit her job.

Audrey explains that she can’t afford to quit her job after this one incident, and she also really likes the people she works with. Other than this situation, Audrey makes decent money at her job.

Fxquadro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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