She’s Talking About This Absolutely Terrible Thing Some Frat Boys Participate In Called “Hogging”

javiindy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Joining a college fraternity can have some lasting benefits. It’s a great way to meet new people because you get the opportunity to attend all kinds of social events and build connections.

However, fraternities have a reputation for being drunken and vulgar. Some also have a history of violence.

As a result, girls are constantly told to attend frat parties in groups, watch their drinks carefully, and avoid going upstairs.

Many universities turn a blind eye to the misconduct happening on their campuses and refuse to acknowledge that a large chunk of their student body is causing harm to so many others.

A TikToker named Megan (@megsforfun) is addressing a serious issue called “hogging” that occurs at some fraternities, and it doesn’t get talked about enough.

Megan describes hogging as a practice in which frat boys will prey on fat women and make bets with their friends on who can land the fattest, most unattractive woman.

In some cases, after a man hooks up with the woman, his friends will barge into the room and start oinking at and harassing the woman until she leaves. It’s all done for the sole purpose of enacting harm and causing embarrassment to the woman.

Another side to hogging involves men using women they deem as overweight for their own pleasure rather than engaging in a competition with friends.

When men aren’t getting much action, they will try hooking up with plus-sized women to get out of their “slump.”

javiindy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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