This Bank In Rhode Island Can Be Yours For $749,000 And Yes, It Even Comes With A Vault

Christopher Boswell - - illustrative purposes only

Would you ever consider living in a building that used to be a bank? I mean, think about it! Bank buildings are usually beautiful with old-fashioned architecture. Plus, who wouldn’t want an actual bank vault to keep all of their prized possessions in? 

Well, for the price of $749,000, a gorgeous bank located in Rhode Island could be all yours. 

The bank, which was originally named the Providence County Savings Bank in downtown Pawtucket, Rhode Island, was built in 1901. It’s a neoclassical building that has been spectacularly maintained and is ready for a fresh start. 

Like any other suburban home, the bank is listed for sale on Zillow, where it’s described as having “ornate elements throughout with mason and marble details and an expansive front entrance with storefront display windows.”

The building is about 13,000 square feet, with tall ceilings and even a passenger elevator! And, of course, it has a stunning bank vault.

If you look at the pictures in the listing, it is so cool. In addition, there are tons of different rooms on the various floors of the building.

Not only are there the standard banking rooms you’d expect to see, but spaces that also function as kitchens and dining rooms.

Nice describes Pawtucket as a great, diverse city with “a strong arts culture including local music and arts studios/programs.” 

Pawtucket also has an interesting historical background, having been an important spot for textile manufacturing.

Christopher Boswell – – illustrative purposes only

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