This Emergency Room Doctor Is Sharing One Of His Craziest Stories About A Patient Who Was Displaying Strange Behavior When She Came In

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Doctors see countless patients throughout their careers, so they have witnessed many weird things while on the job.

A TikTok creator and emergency medicine physician who goes by Dr. Joe (@drjoe_md) is sharing a crazy story about a disoriented woman who came into the emergency room one day.

So a guy had brought his wife into the emergency department for an evaluation because she was displaying strange behavior. It was unusual because she was a normal, healthy woman in her late twenties.

Over the past couple of days, she had been acting increasingly confused and disoriented. At first, she was behaving a bit bizarrely and experiencing fatigue, so she was sleeping a lot.

But that morning, she was extremely confused. Her husband reported that he had difficulty getting her out of bed, and she wasn’t making any sense when he tried to talk to her.

There was nothing out of the ordinary with her physical exam, so Dr. Joe and his team decided to do some bloodwork, a pregnancy test, and perform a CAT scan on her head.

When the nurse got the results of the woman’s urine test back, they discovered that the woman was pregnant.

But that still didn’t answer the question of what was causing the woman’s disoriented state. So Dr. Joe went ahead with the CAT scan.

“We don’t normally like to do CAT scans on pregnant women, but in this case, it was pretty necessary because if she had some bleeding tumor or something on her brain, we needed to see it right away,” explained Dr. Joe.

whyframeshot – – illustrative purposes only

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