A Mascara Cocktail Is A Makeup Technique That Will Give You More Voluminous Lashes, And Here’s How You Can Recreate It

lithiumphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you want longer, more voluminous lashes? Then, perhaps you should give mascara cocktailing a try! A mascara cocktail is a makeup technique that lends your eyelashes a luscious look by using multiple mascaras to lengthen and amplify them.

Mascara has always been known to give your lashes more of a lift, establishing it as a classic makeup staple.

But why stick to just one tube when you could mix and match two or three different formulas to achieve even more desirable results?

The key is to pick the perfect combination of mascara. You shouldn’t just choose the first two you see. Instead, the products should complement one another, with each one targeting a specific area of lash concerns.

Pair together one for length, one that adds thickness, and maybe even one to act as a lash primer,  although that is entirely optional.

TikToker Katie ( is demonstrating how to make a mascara cocktail that creates a dramatic effect, making her look like she’s wearing false eyelashes.

“Today, we’re going to make a mascara cocktail using two of my favorite Essence mascaras,” Katie started off her video.

“What’s a mascara cocktail? It’s when you mix mascara! For example, today, I’m going for length and volume. So I’m going to start off with a volumizing mascara, which will prep my lashes for length and definition,” she explained.

The first mascara helped fluff out and separate her lashes. And after applying the second one, viewers can see that her lashes now look darker and more defined.

lithiumphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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