Here’s How You Can Fill A Raised Bed Without Spending A Ton Of Money

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Filling your raised bed with bags of soil is undoubtedly what anyone planting a garden would do. But good-quality garden soil is rather pricey. And if you have multiple beds to fill, the costs add up quickly.

Even if you’re not gardening on a budget, no one wants to drop a sizable chunk of their hard-earned money on dirt. It’s not the most elegant-sounding purchase by any means.

So if you’re looking to keep the expenses down, here’s how you can bulk up your garden soil without spending a ton of money!

A TikToker, who goes by the handle @plantedinthegarden, is showing new gardeners the best way to fill a raised garden bed from start to finish. His account is all about thrifty and clever gardening tips.

First, lay out recycled cardboard on the ground, covering the area where you plan to build your garden. The cardboard will prevent grass and weeds from popping up in places it’s not wanted.

Next, build however many raised beds you need. In the video, he made two raised beds, eight by three feet in size, using natural cedar wood.

Place a hardware cloth at the bottom of the wooden frames to block rodents and other small animals from burrowing underneath.

To fill the beds, he’s utilizing the hugelkultur method, which is a cost-effective approach to making garden beds by layering rotten logs and plant debris with soil.

This way, you can use materials you have lying around your house.

KOTO – – illustrative purposes only

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