She Got Called Out By A College Student In A Note Shared With Her Whole Apartment Building Because She Had A Birthday Celebration While The Girl Was Studying

Jacob Lund - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

About two weeks ago, a college student who lives in this woman’s apartment building went door to door– but the greeting was not friendly.

Instead, the student visited every single apartment on her floor– as well as the floors above and below her– to warn the other residents about upcoming college exams.

In other words, the college student claimed they would be studying and told each neighbor that they “better not have any parties until the end of May.”

Now, she did admit that the student was “somewhat kind.” And it was obvious that the student was going through a stressful time due to final exams.

So, she opted to be compassionate and agreed not to host any loud parties. But, she did tell the student that her birthday was coming up on May 5– meaning that on Friday night, she planned to have a couple of friends over and play low music.

While she was just trying to be honest, though, the college student immediately got annoyed with her– telling her she “better be quiet” during her birthday celebration.

“I didn’t like her attitude, considering the fact that I was trying to be empathetic,” she recalled.

“And I also told her I’d not do anything for a party besides low music and some friends over.”

Anyway, on the Thursday before her birthday hangout, she returned back home after work and found two notes. One was posted at the entrance to her apartment building; meanwhile, one was posted in the elevator.

Jacob Lund – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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