He Wants To Pay For His Niece’s College Tuition, But His Niece’s Parents Disapprove Because They Don’t Agree With Her Major

Therefore, he shouldn’t encourage Ella to go to college and not study science or engineering. 

Additionally, his sister and brother-in-law aren’t very comfortable with him covering Ella’s tuition costs because they don’t make as much money as him because they didn’t go into the same field. They also don’t want these decisions to impact Ella’s younger brother Ben, who has been saying he wants to become a veterinarian.

“They said if I thought a degree that won’t make money is so great, maybe I should pull my daughter out of the gifted science program she’s in at her school,” he recalled.

Vitalii Vodolazskyi-, illustrative purposes only

“I told them I know plenty of people who studied various different degrees that are successful. I told them I‘ll support Ella’s decision no matter what, and if she’s doing what makes her happy, that shouldn’t be a bad example.”

He then threw his sister and brother-in-law out of his house.

Is he overstepping his boundaries as Ella’s uncle, or is he being a good influence?

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