Her Boyfriend Dumped Her After One Of His Former Flames Sent Him A Steamy Text, And She’s Left With More Questions Than Answers

xo4uphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old girl started dating her 28-year-old boyfriend 4 months ago, and their first date was truly amazing.

She felt that they got another great from the start, and she felt a really intense kind of chemistry with him that she has never before experienced.

When it came time for their second date, her boyfriend told her that if he was going to be getting into a relationship again, it had to be open.

“I immediately told him I wasn’t open to that, but we still had a third date,” she explained. “After that third date, I tried ending things and said I required exclusivity while we dated/got to know each other.”

“He said he completely understood and wished me luck on my search… but then reached out to me that same night, saying he’d thought about it and was genuinely ready to have a monogamous relationship with me.”

“I assured him I didn’t need him to be my boyfriend, that we could still take things slowly, but he very quickly made the relationship serious. He started calling me his girlfriend, introduced me to his friends/family, made me a part of his son’s life (he has him part-time), told me he was in love with me, and even asked me to move in with him.”

She didn’t decide to go ahead with moving in with him when he asked, but she did discuss that she would be willing to sometime this year.

Around 2 weeks ago, they encountered the very first issue in their relationship. One of her boyfriend’s old flames (who he has remained friends with) sent him some a pretty steamy message.

She then decided to convey to her boyfriend over text that she was not ok with him staying friends with this girl after that kind of a message.

xo4uphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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