Her Roommate Baked Cookies Using Some Of Her Ingredients, Then Asked Her For $4 After She Ate One

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Everyone loves a good cookie and probably wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks on one as a treating yourself moment. Maybe you’d even get a couple to share with a friend.

TikTok creator Emily (@capeshmem) has a bizarre cookie story that will make you feel almost as confused as she was when it happened.

Emily had a roommate that had decided to make cookies one evening and texted Emily asking her if it was okay to borrow some of the ingredients that she had in their kitchen.

As any good roommate or friend would, Emily told her to use whatever she needed, even if it was her more expensive ingredients like almond flour. She didn’t really think much of it; why would she?

“Went out, came back, and I had a text,” Emily recalled.

“‘There are cookies on the counter. If you want one, help yourself!”

Emily thanked her roommate, accepted her offer, and took one of the freshly made cookies.

So far, this story sounds pretty normal. I mean, making and sharing cookies with each other is practically in the lease agreement for most young women who decide to live together.

Also, most people would definitely want to share cookies with the person that they borrowed ingredients from to make the cookies.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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