Her Roommate Baked Cookies Using Some Of Her Ingredients, Then Asked Her For $4 After She Ate One

Yet, here’s the kicker!

“I later received a Venmo request for $2.50 with a cookie emoji for the cookies that she made using my ingredients,” Emily said.

After telling such an unbelievable story, Emily received comments asking for more details on the situation and what her reaction was at the time.

She couldn’t really recall exactly what had gone down, so she went to Venmo and started scrolling back through her old transactions.

“Did I pay it? Did I not pay it? Because at that point I was like, ‘Oh, she’s unhinged, she’s going to skin me and wear me,” Emily explained.

“I found the transaction, and I found that she requested it, I must have ignored it, and she canceled it.”

When she was looking back at her transactions, Emily also found out she was wrong about one key detail. The request wasn’t for $2.50 but for $4.00! Which makes this story that much more wild.

Do you think Emily was right to ignore this pretty unreasonable payment request? What would you have done if this had happened to you?


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