Her Date Poured His Drink Back Into The Bottle After Sipping It And Tried To Tell The Bartender That He Didn’t Touch It

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

First dates are always a mixed bag of good, bad, and mediocre. Sometimes they are just flat-out weird. Occasionally all you gain from a first date is an entertaining story to tell to your friends.

TikTok creator Tiffany (@tiffanylyyn) shares a strange first date story that will immediately give you the ick!

It all started when Tiffany agreed to meet her date at a restaurant in South Florida. Upon meeting him there, they decide to go sit at the bar. Almost immediately, red flag number one starts flying.

The bartender sees the guy, instantly recognizes him, and makes a remark about how pretty the girl with him tonight is. Already, this implies that this guy is often there at that bar with other girls, but if there was any question about it, his next comment made things clear.

“He said, ‘Uh yeah, like every other night.’ Strike one, bro. That was real cute. I’m going to let it go but strike one,” Tiffany says.

Do you have the ick yet? Well, if you do, you’re about to get an even bigger one for this guy.

Tiffany decides to order herself a glass of wine, while her date decides to order a beer. A Miller Lite, to be exact.

After a few sips, she could tell by the guy’s facial expressions that he wasn’t really enjoying the beer that he ordered for himself. He begins to express how he’s not a big fan of Miller Lite and is not sure why he even decided to get one.

“So I say to him, ‘Hey, I really want you to enjoy yourself. Why don’t you just order a beer that you like,'” Tiffany recalls.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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