In Honor Of Mother’s Day, This Anesthesiologist Is Sharing Some Childbirth And Pregnancy Statistics That Highlight The Battles Moms Experience Behind The Scenes

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Whether it’s your first or sixth child, giving birth to a baby never gets any easier. When you’re carrying a child in your belly, you’re putting your body through a lot. Every pregnancy and delivery has some risk of problems.

In recent years, complications with pregnancy and childbirth have increased among all women in the United States.

So as you can see, women go through so much effort and pain, even facing potential dangers to their own lives to bring their children into the world.

It’s no surprise that we have a specific day to acknowledge our mothers. Mother’s Day is a celebration of all mothers for a job well done.

Robert Singleton (@robertsecond53) is a board-certified anesthesiologist who works in a hospital in the labor and delivery unit. In honor of Mother’s Day, he’s taking to TikTok to acknowledge all that mothers do and go through for their children, especially during childbirth.

“Moms get one day of recognition each year, and I feel like we don’t do nearly enough to celebrate and thank our mothers and the mothers of our children for their sacrifice!” he wrote in the caption of the video.

Here are some statistics about childbirth and pregnancy he shares that highlight the battles mothers experience behind the scenes.

Number one: childbirth is the most severe and agonizing pain a human can experience. If you’ve never had a child of your own, you’ve probably at least seen birth depicted on television.

There’s a great deal of screaming, cursing, and moaning. You might think it’s all just for theatrics, but it’s the reality of what many women face during labor.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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