She Doesn’t Want To Let Her Stepsister Borrow The Birthday Dress Her Mom Made For Her When She Was 9, As She’s Afraid The Dress Will Get Ruined

svetamart - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Back when this 16-year-old girl was 9, her mom put together a Barbie birthday party for her. Her mom really does love to put together birthday parties with themes, and for this particular party, her mom also rented out a little castle in their town for her to have her party at.

Another thing her mom did to make this birthday special for her is that she handmade a beautiful big dress complete with tulle and purple colored sparkles.

Back then, her mom really didn’t know how to sew well, so her dress is quite fragile. She was so happy to get to wear this dress to her party, and it’s still extremely special to her to this day.

“I treasure the dress and the birthday party as great memories,” she explained. “I loved dressing up as a kid and had a lot of costumes; I gifted most of them except for this one.”

Anyway, her mom and dad have been divorced for some time, and she lives with her mom. She does not have a good relationship with the new girlfriend that her dad has and this woman’s family.

She doesn’t feel that her dad’s girlfriend or her family pays attention to her personal space and boundaries.

Although she doesn’t have a great relationship with her dad’s girlfriend or her 8-year-old new stepsister, her 9-year-old brother does.

Her little brother lives at her mom’s house and her dad’s house, and when he comes over to her mom’s house, her brother will invite her stepsister over to play with him and his friends.

Her brother and his friends love playing dress up, and there’s a whole rack of costumes in their house that the kids pick through.


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