She Used To Work In A Senior Living Facility, And One Night When She Was Alone, One Of The Creepy Residents Tried To Block Her In The Bathroom

Some jobs are best left in the past to just forget about, especially if working there made you feel unsafe and uncomfortable. This is why moving on to new opportunities is not only exciting but is also the best way to protect yourself from potentially harmful situations in a toxic work environment.

While this may sound like something that doesn’t happen that often, on the contrary, toxic and unsafe work environments are more common than not. They can be the most detrimental thing to a person’s career and one that makes them choose to leave it for good.

For some, toxicity may come in the form of an overbearing boss, unsupportive coworkers, or management.

However, a dangerous work environment can also be created by the problems that customers cause on a daily basis. This can be even worse when you work in healthcare or in a healthcare-adjacent industry like senior living.

TikToker Gee, @igeestatus, experienced a workplace environment like this when she worked for a senior living facility. Her experience shows just how disturbing people can be–though luckily, nothing bad happened to her in the end.

“A few years ago, I was working as a concierge at this senior living facility,” she began. “It was like a really, really fancy place. It cost $5-6,000 a month to stay there. It was more like nice little apartments but in a big facility.”

Since she was the one manning the front desk, similarly to every other concierge anywhere, there are overnight shifts that need coverage, even at a senior living facility. Unfortunately for her, that was the shift that she was booked to work for.

“I worked from 2 to 12 in the morning,” she said, meaning that she started in the afternoon at 2 pm and finished her shift at 12am.

Normally, working the late shift wasn’t a problem since she didn’t have much to do.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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