She’s Childfree And Sharing Her Opinion On The Way The Question Of Motherhood Is Perceived By Society

Our society needs to stop forcing every woman to think that their life will be bereft without children in it. If you want to have children, then great–that’s your choice.

But there are also women who decide that they don’t want to bring a child into this world, and that should be okay to say too.

This topic is one that is heavily debated amongst women in our society today. Conversations surrounding motherhood can often lead to bullying of women who feel that their place in this world isn’t as a mother.

This is the kind of problem that TikToker Gvizzle, @gvizzle_74, discusses when conveying her opinion on the way that the question of motherhood is perceived by other members of society.

She knew even when she was a child that she didn’t want kids. It wasn’t something that she ever struggled with, and she certainly didn’t feel as though she wasn’t ever going to experience love in her life if she didn’t have kids.

She understood that there were other ways in which she could feel an immense amount of love in her family.

“The love I have for my husband is different than the love I have for my dogs,” she said.

She debunked a lot of the common statements that parents make when trying to convince other childless people to have a kid.

This doesn’t only apply to the claim that every parent makes about how their child changed their world forever and that they never experienced true love until they had a child.

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