She’s Dishing On Greek Life And Exposing All The Toxic Traits Of Her Former Sorority

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TikToker Mollie (@meatymollie) is dishing on Greek life and exposing all the toxic traits of her former sorority in a multiple-part series on TikTok.

Mollie was in a sorority during her first year of college. She dropped out of the sorority but not before some other pretty traumatizing things that happened during her time there.

One thing that rubbed her the wrong way was that her sorority had a list of subjects they weren’t allowed to discuss.

For instance, controversial topics such as politics and religion were off-limits. Commenting on anyone’s appearance was also prohibited.

At her sorority, the girls were required to live in the sorority house for one year. To appeal to the girls, the sorority emphasized certain perks, like that the house offered single rooms and there was a private chef.

They left out that to get a private room, you had to be voted onto the executive board, which meant only the most popular girls got one.

And having a private chef meant they had an industrial kitchen, so nobody was allowed to cook for themselves. You had to eat whatever the chef made.

In addition, alcohol was banned from the premises. The justification for this ban was if the house burned down and there was evidence of alcohol, the insurance company would not cover any damages.

Mollie also discussed what went down at her first formal. So she wore heels for the first time in a while and stumbled a bit because she wasn’t used to them.

alenaganzhela – – illustrative purposes only

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