The State Of California Is Undergoing A Rare Outbreak Of Flowers Called A Super Bloom

If the flowers are trampled before producing seeds, there will be fewer of them in blossom the following year. In addition, the high foot traffic may also pack the soil down, making the area unsuitable for growing flowers.

California has already lost so much of its plant diversity, so it’s important to treat these wildflowers with care.

Here’s where people are going to check out the colorful blooms. At Chino Hills State Park, there are orange poppies and various types of yellow wildflowers.

And in Carrizo Plain, there’s the purple Great Valley phacelia. Plus, there are goldfields and daisies, which were one of the first to bloom.

If you do decide to make the trip to marvel at the super bloom, just make sure to leave the flowers alone and let them live out their life cycle naturally.

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