This Model Is Talking About A Few Shoots She Went On Where Other Models Were Pretty Mean To Her, And Here’s How She Dealt With The Rude Behavior

Sofia Zhuravetc - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

How glamorous does the modeling life look? Being in front of cameras and seeing your face on magazine covers might sound like all fun and games, but when you’re faced with the reality of the modeling life, it’s clear that your relationships with other models might not be so great.

Being a model can often resemble being in high school with the cliquey girls who gossip behind your back. This is the kind of life that TikToker Jessi, @jessi.lee, describes about her time as a model.

“It was amazing, but working with other models was not so much,” she said. “I don’t know what it is about that industry with people being so stuck up and rude.”

Her worst story, which very much resembles what many people went through in high school with the so-called ‘mean girls’, came after she went to a shoot where there were two other people who were supposed to model after her.

“I was modeling solo, and then there was like another couple that was there also modeling,” she explained. “I had already been there for, like, an hour when they showed up [and] they were supposed to be there at the same time as me, but they were late.”

She was hopeful that she could make friends with these new people who she’d never met before or at least just be pleasant with them as coworkers.

“When they got there, I was right in the middle of shooting, so I couldn’t really walk over and say ‘hi’ or introduce myself, but I did look over and smile at the girl,” she said. “So I pause, and I look over, and I smile at her, and she just looks back at me…and then kind of looks away.”

Essentially, Jessi was trying to be nice and friendly with this girl, and in turn, the girl gave her a sneering, disgusted look while looking her up and down.

“I was like, oh, okay! So we’re doing that whole catty thing where since we’re both modeling for the same company, we’re all of a sudden ‘competition’,” she said. “I swear, the whole time, both of them are just like glaring at me across the room…they like went over into the corner of the room and, like, sat down and started like whispering and glaring over at me.”

Sofia Zhuravetc – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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