Her Gender Reveal Did Not Go As Planned And She Started Crying When She Realized The Inside Of The Cake Was Green, But Then Her Husband Saved The Day

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There have been a lot of gender reveal parties and ideas that have gone terribly wrong. So, many couples who still want to celebrate the day they discover their baby’s gender are opting for a much more low-key and intimate way to do so.

Pregnant TikTok creator Elyssa Joy Klaasen (@elyssajoy_) recently found out the gender of her baby and wanted to tell her husband what it is by baking him a blue or pink cake to surprise him with on a sweet couple’s picnic.

However, things did not go as planned.

Elyssa set up a sweet picnic for her and her husband, Jon, and baked a cake herself so she could surprise him with their baby’s gender. The cake was covered in white frosting and decorated with strawberries and blueberries. She also set up a camera to record Jon’s reaction.

When they counted to three and cut open the cake with champagne glasses, they didn’t see blue or pink. The cake had turned out to be an odd green color. Poor Elyssa’s cake baking did not turn out how she wanted it to.

“It’s not supposed to be green,” says Elyssa disappointingly before her pregnancy hormones kick in, and she starts sobbing.

Through tears, Elyssa expresses that she tried her best to bake the perfect cake as Jon comforts her. Even though Jon may have connected the dots and figured out their baby was a boy because of the green cake, he told Elyssa he still didn’t know their baby’s gender to assure her he could still be surprised.

After five minutes passed, Jon had a very clever idea to save their gender reveal picnic using the colorful strawberries and blueberries on top of the cake.

“I’m gonna turn away [and] you either pick up a blueberry or a strawberry,” explains Jon.

David – – illustrative purposes only

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