Her Gender Reveal Did Not Go As Planned And She Started Crying When She Realized The Inside Of The Cake Was Green, But Then Her Husband Saved The Day

The video cuts to Elyssa picking a blueberry off the top of the cake while Jon has his back turned.

“I’m gonna close my eyes,” continues Jon. “You make me eat it, and I’ll know by the flavor what it is.”

Jon closes his eyes as Elyssa excitedly pops the blueberry into his mouth.

When Jon realizes he’s eating a blueberry, his reaction to finding out they’ll be having a son is incredibly sweet as he giddily wraps Elyssa up in a hug.

She asks Jon at the end of the video if he didn’t know they were having a boy once he saw the green cake, and he says no.

The video of Elyssa and Jon’s eventful gender reveal received over 4.9 million likes on TikTok, and viewers cannot get over what a cute couple they are.

“This is beautiful,” commented one TikTok user.

“Pregnancy hormones are the worst, but he was so kind and loving with you. I hope you two stay this loving forever.”

Congratulations on your baby boy, Elyssa, and Jon!


when i made the cake i might have forgotten about color theory….SURPRISE baby klaasen is a….. ?? #babygirl #babyboy #genderreveal #husband #epicfail #funny #surprise

? original sound – Elyssa?Joy

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