In 2018, She Went Missing After Getting Her Hair And Nails Done, And 2 Weeks Later, Her Car Was Found Abandoned

Facebook - pictured above is Brooke

Brooke Allensworth, a divorced single mother of three, completed a massive achievement back in 2012. That year, she graduated from the University of Arkansas with an Associate of Applied Science degree in nursing.

Afterward, she resided in a Searcy, Arkansas, apartment– located on Roundabout Circle– and worked at the Newark Medical Clinic as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

But, in 2018, everything changed for the Allensworth family after 37-year-old Brooke mysteriously disappeared.

It all began on July 11, 2018, when she went to get her nails and hair done at a salon located in Newark, Arkansas. After her appointment, Brooke never returned home and was never heard from again.

Then, over two weeks later, on July 27, 2018, her car– a black 2007 Toyota Camry– was discovered on Highway 122. The vehicle had been abandoned nearby the White River Access in Oil Trough, Arkansas.

“Someone called in about a vehicle sitting under a bridge. It was like it was just parked there and walked away from it. The keys were not in the car. And we have no information on who put it there,” recalled Independence County Sheriff Shawn Stephens.

Some of Brooke’s belongings were discovered inside the vehicle– including her cell phone and cigarettes. However, investigators found no sign of a struggle.

“We impounded the car and put a search warrant on it to get the information out of it. We searched the area. We spent a day and a half in the river looking for Brooke. We didn’t find anything,” Stephens explained.

Investigators believed that Brooke had been driving to Searcy, Arkansas, from Newport, Arkansas, when she got a flat tire. At that point, a passerby tried to help Brooke using a can of “fix-a-flat.” But, the temporary fix was not enough.

Facebook – pictured above is Brooke

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