She Vanished One Day After Leaving Her Mom’s Home To Get Her Mom’s Birthday Present

Facebook - pictured above is Kara

After being born on October 2, 1998, Kara Lorynn Hyde of Hamilton, Ohio, was reportedly very close with her mother, Lisa Hyde.

Lisa described her daughter as funny, creative, smart, and caring.

“Kara and I were two peas in a pod as she was growing up. She was a shy and fearful child. She slept in my bed until she was 14-years-old,” Lisa recalled.

“We were very close as mother and daughter, but we were also buddies. We had so much fun and giggles.”

But, by the time Kara turned 15, she began to struggle with severe mental health problems. At that time, she started exhibiting symptoms of bipolar disorder and experienced significant anxiety and depression.

According to Lisa, her daughter also developed abandonment issues– becoming angry and sad. At the same time, she was being bullied at school and was even hospitalized three separate times after trying to take her own life.

For Lisa, this topic is an especially sore one. She feels as though the doctors repeatedly failed her daughter and did not take Kara’s attempts seriously. In fact, Kara was never even held for an evaluation.

“I did get Kara to go to a counselor once. This counselor told Kara she could leave if she didn’t want to be there, and Kara left, of course,” Lisa explained.

“And as she approached her twenties, she started showing signs of histrionic disorder and borderline personality disorder. Her moods and behavior became very uncontrollable.”

Facebook – pictured above is Kara

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