She’s Confessing To A Time When She Had A Slight Mishap In The Bathroom Of The House She Was Showing To Potential Buyers

BestForYou - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

The world of real estate is probably a lot wilder than you ever imagined. Whether they’re new to the business or a professional who’s been practicing for years, many realtors have had some unforgettable experiences.

TikToker Summer Edeen (@hellosummeredeen) is a realtor, and she’s confessing to a time when she met a slight mishap in the bathroom of a house she was showing.

So she arrived fifteen minutes early to a showing to turn on the lights and get the house ready for her clients. While she was there, she was hit with the worst stomach cramps she had ever experienced in her life.

Naturally, Summer located the nearest bathroom. After finishing up her business, she tried to flush the toilet, but nothing happened.

So she removed the lid of the toilet tank to flush it manually. However, when she lifted the lid, she saw there was no water inside.

Then, when she turned on the faucet of the sink to add water to the tank, she realized the house did not have running water yet because it was newly constructed.

The next logical idea that occurred to her was to lay sheets of toilet paper over everything, close the toilet seat’s lid, and go back out to her car to pretend she had just pulled up to the house.

When Summer’s client, a family of four, arrived, she unlocked the front door of the house to let them inside. But as the husband walked in, he was hit with a terrible odor and exclaimed over how bad the smell was.

The wife started gagging, and the one-year-old baby in her arms began wailing and sobbing. Their five-year-old daughter covered her eyes with her hands and asserted that they were burning.

BestForYou – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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