She’s Confessing To A Time When She Had A Slight Mishap In The Bathroom Of The House She Was Showing To Potential Buyers

Summer quickly led everyone back outside, where they all gasped for air, and the parents tried to console their kids. Obviously, Summer had to play along and act like she had never smelled anything so horrendous before.

She told the family that the house seemed to be having some plumbing issues and she would inform the sellers right away.

Several TikTok users found Summer’s story hilarious, and some even revealed what they would’ve done in her situation.

“You didn’t destroy the bathroom; you annihilated the whole house,” declared one user.

“I would’ve pretended I got the wrong key and rescheduled the showing,” commented another.

“The universe obviously didn’t want them to have that house,” pointed out a third.


there are some plumbing issues #putafingerdown

? original sound – Summer Edeen

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