She’s Sharing A Story About How She Taught A Creepy Guy A Lesson After He Catcalled Her

Serhiy Hipskyy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you remember the first time a perfect stranger catcalled you? You might’ve been out for a stroll or sitting on a park bench when someone shouted degrading remarks your way.

This phenomenon is something that many women have experienced, and it can feel humiliating and upsetting.

TikToker Cat Limket (@bigkittyenergy) is sharing an empowering story about how she taught a creepy guy a lesson after he catcalled her.

So last summer, Cat and her boyfriend, Liam, went out to pick up some food. Liam had gone into the restaurant while Cat waited for him outside.

A man walked by and whistled at Cat, calling out to her and making suggestive comments. At the same time, Liam walked back outside.

Liam and the guy made eye contact. When the guy realized Liam was with Cat, he apologized to him while ignoring Cat.

Cat confronted the guy, asking him why he apologized to Liam but not to her. Liam agreed and stated that the guy needed to offer an apology for disrespecting her.

The guy said he was sorry, but Cat was still unhappy with his halfhearted apology. So she demanded a genuine apology from him, and in order to do that, he would have to get down on his knees and kiss her feet.

Now, Cat and Liam had ridden their motorcycle to pick up food from the restaurant, so Cat was wearing her motorcycle boots that were caked with dirt and mud.

Serhiy Hipskyy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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