She’s Sharing A Story About How She Taught A Creepy Guy A Lesson After He Catcalled Her

At first, the guy objected, of course. However, Liam is a tall, hulking figure, and when he took a step toward the guy, he started to backtrack, claiming that he had already apologized and was just giving Cat a compliment.

Liam proceeded to block the walkway so the man would have nowhere to go until he paid amends to Cat.

“So he got on his knees, on the dirty, disgusting, Hollywood pee-infested sidewalk, bent down, and kissed my…motorcycle boots,” said Cat.

And another satisfying part of this whole interaction was that plenty of people were walking by to see all the action unfold.

When the guy finished, he stood up and asked if he was free to go. Before he could take off, Cat left him with one final message.

“I just want you to know and remember how you felt. That’s how women feel when you catcall them like dogs,” said Cat.

These types of interactions are why Cat has stopped using the excuse that she has a boyfriend whenever men hit on her.

“I do not want them to think that me declining them has anything to do with my proximity or closeness or relation to any sort of man,” she declared.

Cat firmly believes that as a woman, part of her journey in life is to make sure that men are put in their place whenever they do something rude and disrespectful. Several TikTok users applauded Cat for standing up to the man.

“The way men catcall like is that so degrading. I really wonder where they get their audacity. I’m glad you taught him a valuable lesson that day,” commented one user.

“This is top tier. We need to make this a thing,” wrote another.

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