She’s Sharing Her Honest Feelings About Her Single Life When It Comes To Travel And Friendships

Alex Photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Being single isn’t a cakewalk. There are times when it can feel enjoyable, but before that happens, you need to embrace it first.

TikToker Soph (@sopheallen) has been single for several months now, and she’s sharing her honest feelings about single life when it comes to travel and friendships.

Soph is at that age where all her friends are married and have kids. She lives in the city of Melbourne, and most of her friends have moved back home to raise their families, so she doesn’t  have a lot of friends in Melbourne.

The friends she does have in the city also aren’t single. So when it comes to activities such as weekend trips or traveling, Soph doesn’t really have anyone to do things with, so she spends much of her time alone.

Soph also points out that the world isn’t built for single people. In her video, she revealed that she was taking her first proper solo trip and gave a rundown of everything she noticed that was specifically made for couples.

First of all, everything is more expensive because she is just one person staying in a hotel room meant for two people, so she had to pay as if there were two people there. In addition, there were two of everything: vanity kits, glasses, and bathrobes.

A lot of married people or people with kids often tell Soph how lucky she is to be able to travel alone and have time to herself.

“I’m like yeah, but you have someone to come home to, and you have the option of going with someone,” said Soph.

“I am always alone like always, and I am okay with it. I know it sounds like I’m really not okay. It just [can] be really frustrating. Whilst I’m capable of doing this alone, I would prefer to be sharing this with someone.”

Alex Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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