After Second-Guessing Her Relationship, She Overheard Her Boyfriend Reaffirming His Love For Her, And It Made Her Feel So In Love

So, standing for long periods of time now causes pain– which was why she headed to her boyfriend’s room to lie down and close her eyes.

And after about 10 minutes of her resting, her boyfriend went in to check on her and must have thought she was sleeping. So, he left and went outside to the deck to sit with his cousin– which was right next to the bedroom.

That’s why she was able to hear their entire conversation loud and clear.

Since her boyfriend and his cousin are reportedly very close, they first started talking about their respective relationships. His cousin also brought up how she was dealing with some guy issues.

Then, her boyfriend started talking about his relationship. But according to her, he only had positive things to say about her.

First, her boyfriend called her the best thing that had ever happened to him. She also found out that he used to have a huge crush on her back in high school but never spoke a word to her until last year.

And in the past, she had been worried about her boyfriend cheating on her since it had already happened to her twice in past relationships.

But during that conversation with his cousin, her boyfriend claimed that the thought never crossed his mind.

“She isn’t afraid of trying new things, she cooks for me, listens to my rambles about sports, and listens to me in general, which only you and her do, and she just exudes positive energy,” her boyfriend told his cousin.

“Why would I cheat on a woman like her? Maybe I’m doing something wrong, and if I am, I wish she would tell me so I can fix it.”

She has not been able to stop thinking about those kind words ever since.

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