He Caught His Girlfriend Texting Her Brother’s Friend, And He Isn’t Sure If He Should Dump Her

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This 27-year-old guy started hanging out with a girl, who is also 27, about three months ago. Since then, they have started dating, and they see each other every single weekend.

He has stayed at her house, and they apparently are extremely close.

However, this past weekend, he decided to go through his girlfriend’s phone for the very first time and stumbled upon something really unfortunate– texts with another guy.

She was reportedly messaging one of her little brother’s friends, who was 24. And it seemed as though she was contemplating going over to the other guy’s house to cheat on him.

First, she texted the guy and claimed to miss him, to which the guy responded, “Love you.”

Afterward, the guy claimed that he would have a free house until Saturday and asked if she wanted to sleep over one night. Then, the guy even claimed that no one would find out.

“Tempting. Maybe,” his girlfriend responded in two separate text messages.

This pushed the guy to text back, “Oh yeah?” Then, he asked which day she would want to sleep over.

And while his girlfriend did not immediately jump on the offer, she admitted that she wanted to and knew it was wrong.

ID 68698167 – © Bigjohn3650 –

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