If You Want To See More Butterflies Flitting About, A Butterfly Bush Is A Must-Have Addition To Your Garden

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Gardeners aren’t the only ones who enjoy gardens. A certain delicate, winged creature appreciates gardens, too. And it happens to be one of nature’s most well-known pollinators–the butterfly.

If you want to see more butterflies flitting about, a butterfly bush is a must-have addition to your garden. Butterfly bushes are fast-growing, with spiked, slender masses of flowers protruding from the ends of branches. Here are five reasons why you should grow a butterfly bush in your garden.

First of all, the shrub’s long, graceful wands of colorful, sweet-smelling blossoms are not just irresistible to butterflies. Butterfly bushes are a popular destination for other pollinators as well, like bees and birds.

The increase in traffic of pollinators will help the rest of your garden thrive, and you’ll have a bountiful harvest.

Secondly, the hardy shrub is drought-tolerant, making them easy to grow for beginner gardeners. They require full sun and well-draining soil and hold up against harsh environmental conditions. The only other thing you need to do is to prune the bush occasionally to keep it neat and healthy.

The third reason you should consider adding a butterfly bush is the varieties and colors they come in. They mainly boast shades of purple and pink, although blue, white, yellow, and orange versions can be found. However, butterflies tend to gravitate more toward the deep purple flowers.

The bushes can grow up to five to twelve feet tall and wide. Dwarf varieties are smaller and usually reach about three feet or so.

Number four, they provide more texture and depth to your garden. Give a butterfly bush a solo spot in your garden and make it the star of the show or incorporate it among the rest of the flowers in your garden.

The clusters of small blooms create a lovely contrast to other plants. You can even try planting them along borders. Butterfly bushes will fit in anywhere!

Melissa – – illustrative purposes only

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