Her Niece Was Forced To Cut Her Hair, And Then Her Niece’s Mom Asked Her To Cut Her Hair Short To Match, But She Said No

ID 214777984 - © Jenya Pavlovski - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

A 26-year-old woman’s 29-year-old brother, Mike, recently moved closer to her for his job. They only live a half-hour away from each other, whereas most of their adult lives, they’d lived about four to five hours apart. They used to only see each other over Christmas at their parents’ house.

Mike lives with his fiancée, 30-year-old Sara, who has a 6-year-old daughter from a previous relationship named Eve. Sara is a freelancer and works from home.

She missed Mike and went to hang out with him a lot after he moved closer to her. She also got along with Sara, his fiancée, but had a much stronger connection with Eve.

“Eve was attached to me from the start. She said I look like one of the princess dolls she has. Thus our friendship was born,” she explained.

One of her and Eve’s favorite things to do together was style their hair. They bonded not only over the shared interest in hairstyling but they also had similar hair.

“Our hair is very similar: long, blonde, fine, and super straight. We enjoy braiding, curling, and ornamenting our locks,” the woman added.

Sara, on the other hand, has always had short hair and can only style Eve’s hair in a basic ponytail.

When she and Eve would rock matching hairstyles, Eve was so happy. And they even went to dinner with their similar hairdos. Mike and Sara enjoyed seeing her and Eve bond over their shared interest.

But, several days ago, Eve’s hair was unfortunately damaged while at school. Sara took Eve to the salon to salvage the situation, but the hairdressers had to cut Eve’s hair so that it was just above her shoulders.

ID 214777984 – © Jenya Pavlovski – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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