Her Sister Is Livid That She Inherited The Most Valuable Pieces From Their Mom’s Jewelry Collection Through Tricking Her

millaf - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When a family loses someone, it should be a time when everyone comes together to bond and grieve their loss. However, figuring out that person’s inheritance sometimes ruins that opportunity.

One woman’s sister is mad at her after she wisely selected the most valuable pieces of her mom’s jewelry collection before her passing.

Growing up, she was always inspired by her mom, who loved fashion.

“My mother loved fashion and really enjoyed dressing up,” she said.

“Her passion definitely inspired me to pursue a career in fashion, and I currently work for a luxury jewelry designer. My sister Ashley on the other hand went a more traditional route.”

Ever since they were younger, Ashley always gave her a hard time for wanting to have a career in fashion and jewelry versus something more practical.

It all started in high school when Ashley made fun of her for wanting to go to art school, and it has spiraled since, causing them to remain distant.

But recently, her knowledge of jewelry did her a favor.

Before she died, her mom took her and Ashley to her safety deposit box to split up and pick out whatever jewelry pieces of hers they’d like to keep for themselves.

millaf – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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