She Felt Like A 5th Wheel On Vacation With Her Friends, So She Went Home Early, And She’s Beginning To Think Maybe She’s Just Jealous of How Happy They Are

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This girl is single and has a close relationship with her friends Kevin and Sarah, who are dating, and Mike.

Mike has a girlfriend named Ann, whom he’s been dating for two years, and she is starting to become friends with her as well.

The two couples often go on double dates together and are all extremely close, but whenever she is invited to join them, she always feels like the fifth wheel!

A few weeks before the July 4th holiday, Kevin and Sarah asked her if she would like to join them and Mike and Ann at a lakehouse for the weekend.

She was a little leery, knowing that she would probably feel like the odd one out, but Kevin and Sarah insisted that they wouldn’t let that happen.

“We even planned some stuff to do in groups. I wasn’t totally convinced, but I said fine, I needed some time away anyway,” she explained.

However, as soon as the group got to the lakehouse, she noticed that things were turning out like they always did whenever she hung out with them.

Almost none of the group activities that they had planned ended up happening because the couple’s activities took more priority.

For instance, she had planned to go fishing with Kevin and Mike, but by the time the guys got back from their couple’s hike that morning, they were too tired to do anything else.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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