She Just Found Out She Unknowingly Married Her Cousin After Uncovering A Big Secret From Her Family’s Past

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This 26-year-old woman is in love with her husband, who is 28. But, she just found out possibly the most shocking news ever– her husband is actually her cousin.

How she came to marry a family member is an extremely wild story, too.

She grew up in a tiny, “semi-reclusive” area close to the Appalachian mountains. And her community did not welcome a ton of newcomers. At the same time, individuals who left did not tend to go back.

“It’s a pretty traditional town. Women tend to marry young and stay as housewives. However, it’s still pretty affluent– especially if you’re higher ranked in the church,” she explained.

“The church leaders are made up of the descendants of the original families. Apparently, it can be traced back to a village in Eastern Europe. I grew up like this and didn’t realize how strange it all was.”

But unlike other women in her community, she grew up always wanting to become an architect. She loved building bridges and constructing houses using sand and twigs.

So, from a young age, she knew that architecture was her calling– before she even knew what the profession was called.

Her family was not happy with her career aspirations, though. And since her parents were a part of the church board, they refused to pay for her architectural studies. Instead, they told her she could only enroll in a community college nearby.

These obstacles did not stop her, and she just worked extra hard to earn the best grades in school possible.

ID 34932705- © Julia Pfeifer –

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