She Made Her Neighbor’s Children Cry After She Embarrassed Them By Calling Out Their Bad Behavior

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This 18-year-old girl lives with her 22-year-old sister and her 24-year-old brother. Recently, these siblings gained some new neighbors, and while the children of the families were loud, they understood that sometimes that is just in children’s nature. However, the kid’s recent behavior has gotten out of control.

The children weren’t really causing any trouble until they started to ding-dong ditch her and her siblings. They repeatedly knock and kick at her door, making super loud sounds for 10 or 20 minutes at a time.

“I don’t even know if it could be considered ding-dong ditching because they literally kick the door like they’re trying to impersonate the FBI,” she explained.

At one point, her sister wanted to call the police to explain what these kids were doing, but she told her that she shouldn’t.

She was worried about the kids’ home life and thought that talking to the parents or getting them in trouble could be bad for the children’s safety or wellbeing.

However, the kicking and knocking continued to the point where there were visible marks and dents on her door, and she and her siblings began to lose their patience.

The children paid no mind to the security camera that she had installed at their door, so they clearly did not make smart decisions.

Still, she didn’t want to yell at the children or confront their parents, so she decided to write a note asking them to kindly stop knocking on their door because her siblings work from home, and it distracts them from their jobs.

The kids ignored what the sign said, ripped it up, spit on it, and continued with their loud behavior. This was her final straw!

ID 19794642 – © Fotoluminate – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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