She Went On A Mountain Biking Date That Was A Total Disaster, And Then Later On At Dinner, She Could Tell This Guy Was Not Attracted To Her At All

Diana - - illustrative purposes only

Can you imagine trying to make small talk on a date while ascending a bike trail, especially if you’re not an experienced rider? In my opinion, that seems like a recipe for torture. But one woman endured it with grace and tact. Honestly, she deserves a gold medal after going on this date!

TikToker Carrie Pyle (@diaryofadivorcee) is describing a mountain biking date she went on with a guy. They biked for four hours and got lost along the way, so it was quite a journey!

So she went out on a second date with a guy she called Dr. Surf. They made plans to go mountain biking. Carrie had never been mountain biking before, but she was looking forward to it.

She tossed her bike into the trunk, drove out into the middle of nowhere, and met him at the entrance of a beautiful park. He was wearing a muscle tee and had his fancy bicycle at his side.

All in all, he gave off the appearance of a professional mountain biker. They proceeded to pedal over a bridge and through a pretty pasture. He also came prepared with a paper map and organized their entire route.

But three miles in, he biked through a giant mud pit and got stuck. Not long after, Carrie also got stuck. Her bike became immersed in mud, reaching up to the handlebars. When she put her feet onto the ground, they sunk all the way to her shins.

Finally, she was able to get her bike out of the mud. After about a quarter of a mile, they came upon a stream. On the other side of the stream, they found themselves in a scenic area that looked like something out of a storybook. It was absolutely serene and majestic.

Carrie thought this was where Dr. Surf might make a move and actually kiss her, but to her disappointment, he did not.

Then, he couldn’t figure out how to get back on the bike paths, so he asked some workers at a nearby water treatment plant for directions.

Diana – – illustrative purposes only

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