She Went On A Road Trip With Her Family From Texas To Wyoming And Had To Leave Early Because She Couldn’t Take It Anymore

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I love a good road trip, but family road trips hit differently. Being stuck in a car with your family members for a long time can be grueling for most people.

One woman was recently on a road trip with her family from Texas to Wyoming and had to leave the vacation early because she couldn’t take it anymore.

She’s 25 and lives with her parents, who are in their early 60s. She also has a 19-year-old brother. She’s been living with her parents at home in Texas and hopes that will change in the near future since she’s been realizing just how much they still treat her like a child.

Recently, she set off on a big road trip with her parents and brother to Yellowstone National Park, which meant they had to drive from Texas to Wyoming. Her parents paid for everything, from their food to the Airbnb they stayed in. 

They had to go on a 12-hour drive, so she and her parents took turns behind the wheel. The entire time she drove, she was miserable.

“During my four-hour turn, my parents were super tense the whole time,” she explained.

“Keep in mind I’ve had my license since I was 18, but they pointed out every car that came too close, called out every speed trap, each pothole I couldn’t avoid and already slowed down over, etc. My dad literally had his head craned up toward the front nearly the whole time.”

Although her parents know she’s a good driver, they still were breathing down her neck the entire time, which she believes may have been because they were in a rental car. Her parents even started yelling at her for “driving too fast” in a Whole Foods parking lot when she only went 15 miles per hour. Things got so bad that her parents yelling brought her to the verge of tears.

The following day, they got to where they were staying for the park. She and her family bought some groceries to keep in their hotel room. While they were unpacking the groceries, she accidentally knocked over a bag with a glass bottle of Kombucha inside, and it shattered. 

vgstudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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