When She Was Called To Walk At Her Graduation, Her Husband Was Sweetly Surprised That She Changed Her Last Name To His

Sengchoy Int - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Graduation ceremonies are made to celebrate the accomplishments of students, and it is often an exciting day for them. Graduates tend to share the day with their loved ones, who are cheering them on pridefully from their seats.

During this important day, this wife decided to surprise her husband in the middle of the ceremony with something she knew he would love!

Wife and TikTok user @hshtglawyerd shared a video of her husband during her graduation ceremony that has now gone viral with over 30,000 likes. In the video, her husband watches with excitement as her name is called and she accepts her diploma, but he can’t believe what he hears.

As a loving gesture, she decided to surprise her husband by finally getting her last name changed to his before her graduation ceremony so that when her name was called, her husband would be shocked by the announcement.

His proud smile as he was recording his wife quickly changes to a different facial expression: an open jaw, wide eyes, and a hand over his mouth!

“I told my husband I wasn’t going to change my last name in the Army because it’s such a hassle. But then I decided this is worth the hassle,” she wrote in the caption of her video.

Clearly, she knew that her husband would appreciate this surprise and surely had a hard time keeping it a secret from him. Thanks to technology and her loved ones, she now has a super sweet video of her husband realizing that the woman he is in love with now shares his last name!

Some viewers of this viral video thought that this was such a sweet surprise to give to her husband that it has inspired them to do the same.

“I’m currently back in school at 43. [I’ve] been married 24 years and never changed my name. Definitely thinking of doing this at graduation!” one commenter shared.

Sengchoy Int – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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