She Excluded Her Brother From Her Wedding Photos Because He Got Into An Accident And Had Casts That Didn’t Match Her Color Scheme

eunikas - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old woman recently tied the knot. But, just before her big day, her younger brother, who is 23, was in a tragic accident.

The accident left her brother with a broken wrist and a broken ankle. This didn’t just impact her brother, either, and reportedly made her wedding planning much more challenging.

Apparently, her parents were not able to help out as much following the injuries. So, she and her in-laws unexpectedly had to take over much of the wedding preparations.

“That was frustrating,” she admitted, “But I let it go.”

For the wedding, she also asked all of her immediate family members– including her mother, father, brother, and younger sister– to wear colors that matched her wedding theme. For context, the event’s color scheme was purple, black, and silver.

Yet, her brother wound up getting casts following his injuries, and neither of them matched the color scheme.

Apparently, his broken arm was in a red cast; meanwhile, his broken ankle had a blue cast.

“He did at least wear a black shirt,” she said.

Still, given the mismatching colors, she ultimately decided to tell her brother that she didn’t want him in her immediate family photos at her wedding.

eunikas – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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