The Girl Her Dad Is Engaged To Is Basically The Same Age As Her, And She Can’t Figure Out How To Come To Terms With This

BullRun - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 19-year-old girl has a dad who is 39, and her parents got divorced about a decade ago. After the divorce, she went to live with her mom.

Her mom went on to remarry, and her stepdad is really wonderful. She also has a few stepsiblings who are great too, and they have a pretty happy new family.

As for her dad, he completely vanished post-divorce, and he randomly popped back into her life only 6 months back.

Throughout the last couple of months, she has only talked to her dad a handful of times. Every time she did speak to him, he constantly brought up that he was seeing someone new and he was thrilled for her to get to meet his new love.

Well, 2 weeks ago, her dad requested to FaceTime with her, and when she did, he instantly introduced her to his fiancée.

It was upsetting for her to learn that her dad was actually engaged, as he never told her, but then she found out that his fiancée is actually 25.

She is aware it’s completely legal for her dad to be marrying a girl basically the same age as her, but it makes her feel super weird and she has no clue how to react to this.

She has been incredibly annoyed and emotional, and it has taken her until now to kind of calm down about the shocking news.

“Now I know that age gaps are okay, but I just feel so weird about it,” she explained. “I am trying to be happy for him, but it’s hard because 1) I don’t really know him that well anymore and 2) I just find the whole scenario weird.”

BullRun – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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