A Few Weeks Into Dating A Guy, He Planned A Romantic Vacation For The Two of Them, But Then He Quickly Dumped Her For A New Girl, And She’s Heartbroken

Sail and See - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 27-year-old girl met a 29-year-old guy on a dating app, and the sparks were flying instantly. In the beginning, he was FaceTiming her constantly, he was communicating in a very intentional way, and then, he asked her to come with him on a passion-packed getaway.

“He ends up taking me on a romantic, whirlwind trip only a couple weeks in, plans the trip, and it’s amazing…It’s super fast and over the top, but I assumed the vibes were right,” she explained.

“He seemed into me – the physical connection was strong/I felt emotionally connected, and we had mutual friends. He tells me, “Not to sound like a psychopath, but I usually don’t care about people, and I actually care about you.”

“I met some of his close friends, and they assured me that he felt differently about me and that I wasn’t just another girl.”

Not long after all of this went down, he told her that he had another vacation booked with a couple of his friends for a whole week.

He then asked her if she could petsit and housesit for him while he was away, and she said yes. After he left to go on his trip, things stayed the same between them.

But as the days wore on, he began texting her less, to the point where he was basically silent, even as she was texting him updates on his pets.

“I see a post with him and a group of people, one of those people is a girl who is super close to him in the photo,” she said.

“I feel sick to my stomach because he’s ignoring my texts at this point, but also, we’re just dating, so he’s technically allowed to be close to a girl/ have friends, and I chalk it up to overthinking, but can’t help but think who is this girl and why ask me to pet sit if you don’t see me as something serious.”

Sail and See – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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