A Man Ran Towards Her And Tried To Get In Her Car One Night After She Closed Up The Pizza Place She Was Working At

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When this woman was 17, she worked at a pizza shop in her hometown. She wasn’t fond of the job and was especially concerned that her manager didn’t see an issue with allowing female employees to close the shop completely alone.

Even though she described the town she grew up in as “small and boring” and a town where people didn’t lock their doors, she couldn’t help but feel uneasy being left in the shop alone.

One night at around 10 p.m., she was closing the shop alone. Before she was able to go to her car and head home, she had to take the garbage out, and her car and the dumpster were both on the side of the building.

As she was walking to the dumpster, she noticed a man walking through the parking lot toward her.

“He was wearing jeans and a black sweatshirt, and he had a sports cap on. Right off the bat, my heart dropped, and I got incredibly nervous. I threw the trash away and began speed walking to my car when this guy said something. ‘You got a cigarette?'” she explained.

Instantly paranoid and scared, she knew that he wasn’t asking the question innocently. She told the man she didn’t have a cigarette, and then she tried to get in her car as quickly as possible.

“I kid you not, as soon as I closed my door, he BOOKED it to my car and tried to open it (obviously, I locked it immediately. I instantly started bawling and turned my car on. The man clubbed my window with his fists a few times, without a word, before booking it again into the nearby streets,” she said.

Understandably terrified, she called her mom, and once she got home, she called the police. However, she didn’t receive any closure.

“They opened up a small investigation but could never find the guy. There were no other cases of something like this happening somewhere else in town, and so I think he probably relocated somewhere else to avoid being caught,” she shared.

evgris – – illustrative purposes only

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