His Parents Came Home From Their Date Night And Caught Him And His Girlfriend In Their Hot Tub, And His Mom Was Especially Upset That The Neighbors Could See Everything

Ursula Page - - illustrative purposes only

This 18-year-old guy lives at home with his parents, and his parents have a pretty large house.

His parents also have a jacuzzi that sits in a secluded spot in the yard, but it’s still possible for their neighbors to take a peek into what’s going on in their garden from specific angles.

He and his parents aren’t really bothered about the fact that the jacuzzi isn’t completely private from prying eyes.

Pretty recently, he had his 18-year-old girlfriend over one night, and they thought it would be fun to make some amazing food and then go chill out in the hot tub.

“It was dark, we had some champagne and chilled with music and colorful lights in the tub,” he explained.

“It was really nice because my parents were out on a date so we had it all for ourselves. Usually, my parents come home through the front door but this time they came home through the back door which happens to have a clear view of the jacuzzi.”

“With the lights on in the hot tub they could both see our naked bodies very well.”

His parents were hardly happy about him and his girlfriend spending time in their family hot tub without any clothes on.

His mom was especially upset, and she told him and his girlfriend that it was not appropriate for them to be spending time in the hot tub like that, as it was pretty easy for their neighbors to have a full view of what they were doing.

Ursula Page – – illustrative purposes only

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